We want you to have a GREAT experience!

Here are some things you can do to help your child (and the other parents and children in our classes) get the most out of your Music Together experience and have a wonderful time! You also may want to review our Policies and Waiver.

  • Please be on time. Many parents choose to arrive early, which is a great way to help your child get into the mood for music each week!

  • Please wash your hands and your child’s hands before and after class. This helps keep us all well and healthy! If your child mouths an instrument in class, please put it in the box so your teacher can give that item extra cleaning attention. 

  • As a courtesy to all the other families and your teacher, please don’t come to class if you or your child is sick. Schedule a make-up instead.

  • Please be engaged! Sing, dance, be silly, and imitate your teacher. Your active and excited participation shows your child that music is fun and something you enjoy, and that is an important attitude to model for them since YOU are the most important musical model for your child. Plus, the other children in the room are watching you, too. The more the parents are engaged, the better the class is.

  • Please allow your child to explore the room, the instruments, and the music in any way they want as long as it is safe. We only ask that they do not run (as running in the classroom is contagious!) and that they do not endanger themselves or another child.

  • Music class works best when we keep our music brains ON and our taking brains OFF. Your child’s brain can’t switch between the two as rapidly as your adult brain can, and keeping our classroom a musical environment is one of the most important ways you can support your child’s experience! Please do your best not to chat in class—to your child or to other parents. If you do need to talk with your child, try singing their name. Click here for more information on how we can best support our children's learning in class.

  • Please play with the Music Together songs and lots of other music outside of class! Feel the joy of making more music at home and throughout your day! Add songs to bath time, dinner time, and clean up time (many parents report that "BUM bum" helps make clean-up at home a breeze!).

  • Please tell us your ideas, thoughts, stories, and concerns with your teacher! We want to know how your experience is going!

  • Please tell a friend! For each family you refer who enrolls, you are entitled to $10 off of your next registration fee.

  • Please take your child to see live musical events in the area! Here is an image to consider: Imagine a child who has only seen a carrot that has been carved into a bullet shape and put in a plastic bag with many others—and how her eyes are opened when she is able to see a carrot growing with its fluffy green top, pull it out of the garden, wash it, and eat it. What a revelation! So, too, are our children changed when they experience music LIVE, when that music is CREATED right in front of their eyes and ears, and it enters their hearts, their feet and hands, and their imaginations. So many of our children experience music ONLY as something that comes out of a radio, iPod, or car speakers. It is rare that they see that music, and all its passion and rhythm, actually comes from a human being. Seeing and hearing this expands their minds and broadens their understanding of music as so much more than something in the background, something to consume—instead it becomes something to create and experience, a way to communicate and connect with others...a thing of joy to play with and share!